CADET TRAINING PROGRAM In view of the world-wide shortage of maritime officers and engineers, we introduced a cadet training program. This program is based on training students of maritime universities for sea project from cadets to junior officers. The program applies to both of departments, deck as well as engine. Almost all the students are from Indonesian national maritime universities which are STIP Jakarta, PIP Semarang, PIP Makasar.

Especially in 2007 Jasindo Crew Manning Agency signed a cooperation agreement with National Maritime University, PIP Semarang. The cooperation between PIP Semarang and Jasindo Crew Manning Agency is reflected in the Jasindo Crew Manning Agency's right of priority to select the best students from PIP Semarang who want to make their carrier at sea. The cooperation between Jasindo and other maritime universities is under process. Those fulfilling the demands of the Jasindo Crew Manning Agency will then be recommended to our Principals to be employed on board their vessels.




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